Hot Dogs

Previously, when hot dogs first became a popular food choice for Americans, there weren’t many varieties. You could get a pork dog with natural casing and thatyou’re your choice. Today, in the culinary industry, there are changes taking place.

Now, instead of just one type of frank, there are many different types of hot dogs. The kinds of this treat are as unique as the people who eat them. From varieties that totally satisfy the vegetarian that longs for the perfect hot dog to those who, for religious reasons, choose to eat them kosher, there is a sort to please even the pickiest of eaters. In some cases, for health reasons, people choose to eat hot dogs that are made from turkey or chicken. This is a healthier type of hot dog to eat than beef or pork. Other people choose their style of frank by simple taste or texture or both: natural casings versus no casing at all, for example. Some say a wiener is a wiener.

No matter what your reasoning for choosing the type of hot dog you desire, in this modern world, chances are that there is something to satisfy your preference. Combine this with the fact that you can top the wiener with whatever sort of toppings you choose, use whatever type of bread to accompany it, and you have the perfect meal that can be eaten on the go. Backyard cook outs are no longer are limited to one type of this household staple. It is up to you what you want your dog to be.